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Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to Restore Pyrex

The soulmate recently brought me a gift from the thrift store: an adorable, sunny little Pyrex casserole dish. There was, however, one glaring problem: the dish had obviously been in storage for years, and had accumulated a bit of tarnish that would not be removed with a hearty scrub. Disheartened, but refusing to give up, I reached for my handy Thrifting Survival Kit. This was not a job for Magic Eraser. I had to go straight to Bar Keeper's Friend, my most abrasive secret weapon. With a lot of gentle scrubbing, I was able to revive this happy little casserole dish. Did it come out looking brand-new? No, but it's perfect for everyday use!

Have you ever passed up on vintage Pyrex because you thought it was beyond saving? Comment below!


  1. Wow, BKF to the rescue... Big difference!

  2. Right? It's my new best friend...pun intended.

  3. Ok, holy crap! I need to find some of this bar keepers friend magic exlier! That is amazing...I'm in awe over here...

  4. Oh yeah...it's amazing. But wear gloves! I always forget until I wake up the next morning with peeling hands. No bueno!

  5. That's amazing, isn't it? First time on your site, great blog! I'll be back for your new party on Tuesday. Blessings - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin


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